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What is the meaning of Derick in Hindi?

Meaning of Derick in Hindi is :

Definition of word Derick

Examples of word Derick

  • Can we televise a debate (s)/discussions among military and political leaders (like a Town Hall) on the subject so Americans can hear from the horses mouths (the generals that are asking for more troops) … derick
  • It was wonderful and will even inspire the children of republicans, if they were allowed to listen. derick
  • March 7th, 2007 at 1: 37 am this was an awsome pic of the snake eating a deer i like it very much .. derick chimanga Says:
  • The only thing they feared, was, that from being already so nigh to his mark, he would be enabled to dart his iron before they could completely overtake and pass him. as for derick, he seemed quite confident that this would be the case, and occasionally with a deriding gesture shook his lamp-feeder at the other boats.
  • M. Garand (guest) this show is horrible without derick d.!!!!!! and no i am not derick d. i have even watched the old shows before him and they sucked also. derick d. is makes the show. so to the powers that be bring him back already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posted 5 months ago by jester (guest)


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