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What is the meaning of Derrick in Hindi?

Meaning of Derrick in Hindi is : डेरिक

Definition of word Derrick

  • A device that is used for lifting and moving large objects (noun)
  • A framework that is constructed over a mine or oil well for the purpose of boring or lowering pipes. (noun)

Examples of word Derrick

    • The only access is either by helicopter or hoisted by a derrick from a boat small enough to maneuver close inshore.
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    • The derrick was the same one used for the first abutment having been moved and set up during the construction of the intermediate piers.
    • The raising of the derrick was the signal for three hearty cheers, for this was a new era in the operations.
    • The crane for hoisting goods is called a derrick, from this hangman.


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