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What is the meaning of Derrick in Hindi?

Meaning of Derrick in Hindi is : डेरिक

Definition of word Derrick

  • A male given name, variant spelling of Derek. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Derrick

  • Fortunately, Conrad had a Visa card with the name Derrick Kopinski, Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, aka “Big Bob.”
  • It appears that Derrick posted this without actually talking to HP and finding out how the platform works – Derrick, is that true?
  • Basically, Derrick is led by his groin and takes the same young dumb girl he's been dating the whole time.
  • Donald Glover is awesome, both in Derrick Comedy and in the Community, I may check this movie out sometime.
  • Terra's husband, Derrick, is a manager at one of Frick's restaurants.


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