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What is the meaning of Deryck in Hindi?

Meaning of Deryck in Hindi is :

Definition of word Deryck

  • A male given name, a less common spelling of Derek. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Deryck

  • But the National Youth Orchestra is filling that gap; the main work in Vasily Petrenko's concert with the orchestra at the Festival Hall is the most frequently heard of those attempts to realise Mahler's vision: that composed by the British musicologist Deryck Cooke.
  • From the Old Trafford dressing room, side on to play, it was almost impossible to follow the flight of the ball from hand to the gloves of Deryck Murray.
  • Zico's sales grew fivefold last year, said Deryck van Rensburg , head of Coke's new ventures unit.
  • On "Goodbye Lullaby," Lavigne seems to surrender her teen-punk crown to the newcomers and instead steals some pages from Taylor Swift's diary pop Lavigne's divorce from Sum 41 leader Deryck Whibley probably helped.
  • "Goodbye Lullaby," Avril Lavigne's first disc since her split from Sum 41 singer and "Lullaby" co-producer Deryck Whibley, is an album at war with itself, divided into up-tempo pop songs meant to evoke the bratty Avril of old and lovelorn ballads meant to introduce a sadder, wiser, more grown-up Avril.


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