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What is the meaning of Design in Hindi?

Meaning of Design in Hindi is : स‌ंचिन्त

Definition of word Design

  • A plan (with more or less detail) for the structure and functions of an artifact, building or system. (noun)

Examples of word Design

  • He says that, even though in practice inferring design is the first step in identifying an intelligent agent, taken by itself _design does not require that such an agent be posited.
  • Every fragment of life has its completing part somewhere, given its place in the scheme of the universe by intricate design -- always by _design!
  • "Professor Haeckel maintains," says Mr. Wallace, "_that the struggle for existence in nature evolves new forms without design, just as the will of man produces new varieties in cultivation with design_."
  • The inference of intelligence from marks of design in nature is not one of analogy, but of strict and proper _induction_; and accordingly we must either deny that there are marks of _design_ in nature, thereby discarding the _analogy_, or do violence to our own reason by resisting the fundamental law of causality, thereby discarding the inductive inference.
  • It may be how the Nu Gundam is a very solid design in the first place, making the converted Rebornnu Gundam looking more attractive now than the original Reborns Gundam, in Gundam 00 style mecha design~
  • Harness PLM for CATIA, transforms the wiring diagrams to harness design• process of designing electrical harnesses The topology modules in SEE Electrical by leveraging the power of CATIA to For more information: www. harness-design.com Harness allow users to generate and significantly reduce cycle times.
  • My reverend friend is wrong in supposing that I admit DESIGN, and yet refuse to admit the force of the _design argument_, "On the supposition, then, that _law and order_ are manifestations of _design_, the design argument might be valid and conclusive: but" _no conceivable order_ "could prove the existence of God; why?
  • It's not often, after all, that a "new" whisky is a painstaking recreation, from flavor down to the label design, of a whisky that was buried in ice for a full century by the great Antarctic explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton.
  • Other wineries have used crowd sourcing for things like naming a wine or choosing a label design, but not to decide on things like which strain of yeast or how far apart the rollers are on the grape crusher.