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What is the meaning of Dine in Hindi?

Meaning of Dine in Hindi is : भोजन खिलाना

Definition of word Dine

  • to eat; to eat dinner or supper (verb)
  • To give a dinner to; to furnish with the chief meal; to feed. (verb)
  • To dine upon; to have to eat. (verb)

Examples of word Dine

  • "I want you to dine with me -- really _dine_," she said, and her voice was both eager and repressed.
  • 'Come and dine with me at the inn,' he exclaimed cordially; 'if one may use such a word as _dine_ under the circumstances.'
  • Fans will dine from a special Twilight Menu and see where the Prom and the end of the movie actually take place.
  • And the first place we are planning to dine is a vietnamese restaurant called Le Bamboo.
  • Under these circumstances, to dine is difficult – to go to bed superfluous – to sleep impossible.


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