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What is the meaning of Dis in Hindi?

Meaning of Dis in Hindi is : बेइज्जत कर देना

Definition of word Dis

  • Alternative name for Hades. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Dis

  • Chus was the son of Ham; and though the names of the Grecian Deities are not uniformly appropriated, yet Ham is generally looked upon as Ἑλιος, the Sun; and had the title Dis, and Dios: hence the city of Amon in Egypt was rendered Diospolis.
  • Dis is ma main man da lord bluff me main man homie nigg ...
  • Dis is sum crious nymphomaniac o! haba. .shebi he thinkz he's the next king solomon ..
  • As Joey Bag of Donuts would probably say: "Dis is the life we choose."
  • If a young woman on the Island of Marken, where the people spoke Fries, wanted to brag about her infant she said, "Dis is de bijby".


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