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  • Jackson Donne is as flawed a PI as they come without being a cliche.
  • The novel begins as Donne is about ready to give up the p.i. game and go to college (Rutgers).
  • According to the re-writer: "In my opinion Donne translates into Finnish clumsily and poorly—all the subtlety is gone, and whereas the original is coy and veiledly risqué, the end result in Finnish is jarringly vulgar."
  • My dear old friend Donne is lecturing on Shakespeare, and I have heard him, these last two times.
  • Incarnation in Donne as seen by Brooks), and it is the version he comes closest to accepting.
  • Brooks, born in 1917 in Kansas but a Chicagoan for her eight decades, is a poet whose strongest work combines contemporary (though rarely demotic) diction with a love of word-play and supple, elaborate syntax recalling Donne or even Crashaw (and frequently Eliot) which she brings to bear, with affectionate irony, on her subject.