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What is the meaning of Dore in Hindi?

Meaning of Dore in Hindi is : डोरे

Definition of word Dore

Examples of word Dore

  • Find out if the dore is refined pure locally or sent away, If there is a local refiner we could by pass the banks for silver all together. to good to be true;) 9: 55 AM, August 29, 2008
  • Their arrows at a besiegeing enimey; Light is admited Thro an opening at top which also Serves for the Smoke to pass through. one half of those houses is apropriated for the Storeing away Dried & pounded fish which is the principal food The other part next the dore is the part occupied by the nativs who have beds raised on either Side, with a fire place in the center of this Space each house appeared to be occupied by about three families; that part which is apropriated for fish was crouded with that article, and a fiew baskets of burries - I dispatched
  • Thus, in refining ordinary silver "dore," four parts of acid are used to one part of bullion.
  • Since Customs duty make "dore" (unrefined gold) imports unviable because of lower levy on refined gold imports, the government should cut the duty on raw material imports, Arora said.
  • Ai went fer a lie daon tudai an it ternd intu a 3 ower sleep an ai had a nitemair abowt teh nekkst dore nayber.


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