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What is the meaning of Downe in Hindi?

Meaning of Downe in Hindi is :

Definition of word Downe

  • Obsolete spelling of down. (adverb)
  • Obsolete spelling of down. (preposition)

Examples of word Downe

    • The seuenth of May in the morning they passed by a tree that standeth on the left hand of the riuer as they went downe, which is called Mahomet Agatch, or Mahomets tree, and about three versts further, that is to say, to the
    • Loys le Roy 113b, The men that were heauily armed had a salade, which couered their head, and came downe as far as their shoulders. a1600 Floddan F. ii.
    • No surprise, it paints Jews as "wolves" who bite Jesus and "use all meanes they can devise/To beate downe truth, and goe against all right."
    • So cõforting her as well as he could, at laste burst oute in teares, and wente from her downe into the court, wher wer walking the Lord of Tame [Sir John Williams], and Sir Henry Benifield: and he staieng asyde the Lord of Tame ... he spake on this wise: ...
    • Furthermore, her guests would have appreciated sleeping on any of the twenty feather mattresses, along with matching bolsters, and eight "pillowes of downe"; down was the most expensive and luxurious filler material. 175 Special beds reserved for visitors of the highest rank were hung with canopies or "trauerses" made of crimson, yellow, and blue silk.