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What is the meaning of Drake in Hindi?

Meaning of Drake in Hindi is : हंस/बतख{पु.}

Definition of word Drake

  • A male duck. (noun)
  • A mayfly used as fishing bait. (noun)
  • A type of dragon. (noun)

Examples of word Drake

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  • On the Wing With its long tail extension, or pin, the drake is rarely mistaken for another bird, but "sprigtails" can be confused with wigeon.
  • It may be that their movements are the results of mere fussiness, but more likely they are prompted by a desire to display their satin-like breast-feathers, for every drake is something of a dandy.
  • The drake will be the heaviest one, with a belly parallel to the ground.
  • The drake is a very handsome bird, a large portion of his plumage being white; the hen is smaller, and brown in colour.


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