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What is the meaning of Drake in Hindi?

Meaning of Drake in Hindi is : हंस/बतख{पु.}

Definition of word Drake

  • A surname, notably of Francis Drake (1540-1596). (proper noun)

Examples of word Drake

  • DRAKE RELAYS: Gary Winckler, a highly successful women's track and field coach at Florida State and Illinois, will be the 77th inductee into the Drake Relays Coaches Hall of Fame during an April 22, Thursday reception on the Drake campus in Des Moines.
  • Drake landed there, in his voyage around the world, in January, 1579, we know from the narrative of Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa (Mrs. Nuttall's _New Light on Drake_, p. 80), but the story of the chapel is of course legendary.] [Footnote 67: Water-barrels, Middle Dutch _bommekijn_, a little barrel.] [Footnote 68: Truxillo, in Peru.
  • Biljana Drake is an avid collector of homemade skin care recipes.
  • If anyone utters the word Drake, run in the opposite direction.
  • Vera Drake is a peek into the life of a woman abortionist at this point in history.
  • Jocelynn Drake is senior equities analyst at Schaeffer's Investment Research and, separately, an accomplished author of fantasy fiction.
  • But in Drake's new stratosphere, he still has yet to decide whether those adoring masses are friend or foe.