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What is the meaning of Eger in Hindi?

Meaning of Eger in Hindi is :

Definition of word Eger

Examples of word Eger

  • She was to eger to become the President the USA that it have made this woman lose her mind.
  • I'll bet you wouldn't be so eger to vote for the anointed one knowing what a incompetent crook he is.
  • Contact you dream? you listen? spoken word? julie eger | friends
  • Poor thing seemed all eger and then just started pawing at her mouth instead of eating them up - Barabara says this is what she does with food now
  • I would like at this point to lie and tell you all that indeed I suffered no ill effects at all and feel just great, and I would except that some of you may see me tomorrow and note that I am not exactly eger to use my left elbow.


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