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What is the meaning of Egyptian in Hindi?

Meaning of Egyptian in Hindi is : मिस्री भाषा

Definition of word Egyptian

  • Of, from, or pertaining to Egypt, the Egyptian people or the Egyptian language. (adjective)
  • A person from Egypt or of Egyptian descent. (noun)
  • A gypsy. (noun)
  • The Afro-Asiatic language spoken in ancient Egypt. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Egyptian

  • WAEL ABBAS, EGYPTIAN BLOGGER: This is the first time the Egyptian people saw something like that.
  • OSAMA RUSHDIE, FORMER EGYPTIAN MILITANT (through translator): I believe that these youngsters are aiming at two goals, one against Egyptian government and one against the West, based on the known principles of al Qaeda.
  • HUSSEIN HARIDY, EGYPTIAN AMBASSADOR TO PAKISTAN (through translator): I got in touch with the Pakistani government late last night, and I informed them officially that Cairo, the Egyptian government, denies the involvement of any Pakistani citizen in the Sharm el-Sheikh explosions.
  • EGYPTIAN INDEPENDENCE unilaterally granted by Great Britain, which nevertheless retained control over Egyptian foreign affairs and defense, the Suez Canal, and the Sudan (which Egypt had ruled until the British occupation).
  • Semitic-Babylonian poem, for in the Egyptian work the two myths are not really combined, the Creation Versions being inserted in the middle of the spells against Apep, without any attempt at assimilation (see Budge, _Egyptian


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