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What is the meaning of Elise in Hindi?

Meaning of Elise in Hindi is :

Definition of word Elise

  • A female given name. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Elise

  • KERRI ROCHMAN, PARENT OF BABY ELISE: With the theft, or with Elise?
  • The new Elise is scheduled for sale in spring 2015.
  • (After 10 minutes of the DVD on pause ...) 30: 45 – "Für Elise" is on.
  • Probably, boiling water sloshed down her head and right side, says Kim Williams of Wake Forest, N.C., who with her husband adopted Elise from a Chinese orphanage at age 9.
  • And of course I couldn't help but note that Marlena Elise is easily the most (lit -) blogged baby since Shiloh Nouvel -- how chic!


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