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What is the meaning of Elroy in Hindi?

Meaning of Elroy in Hindi is :

Definition of word Elroy

  • A male given name, a pseudo-Spanish variant of Leroy. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Elroy

  • Elroy is surprised to learn that the gardens are not fables but space stations that orbit the Earth and are run by a much-feared Lord, who seeks out Wiggles for taking the forbidden fruit - an apple, natch.
  • Tannous and De Elroy Beeler Jr., lured victims into purchasing unregistered stock in Bidbay. com Inc. by telling them the company would be acquired by eBay for $20 per share.
  • Elroy Dimson , emeritus professor of finance at the London Business School and an expert on long-term stock returns, argues that "exposure to factors like illiquidity, credit, natural disasters and insurable events will be better rewarded than in the last century."
  • A Wall Street Journal analysis of market data provided by Elroy Dimson , Paul Marsh and Mike Staunton of the London Business School suggests the central-bank intervention might indeed be a turning point for the markets: U.S. and emerging-market stocks may be poised to outperform, while European stocks could be headed for more trouble.
  • Without giving anything away, I can mention that Wallace writes, "Elroy had the bottles examined by two experts, one an engraver who worked near the Corning Museum of Glass in upstate New York."


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