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What is the meaning of Emile in Hindi?

Meaning of Emile in Hindi is :

Definition of word Emile

  • A male given name of Latin origin, an anglicized spelling of French Émile. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Emile

  • Emile was excited to try his own capabilities, and soon presented to his friends the manuscript of _Emile_, a story, the principal parts of which were true records of his own life.
  • The atmosphere of working class Munich is well-conveyed, reminding me of L'Assommoir and Nana in Emile Zola's Rougon-Macquart series, which explored poverty and squalor in Paris 50 years before the events of ICE COLD.
  • In 1904, she and Pierre saw the prospect for the financial support of their institute in Emile Armet de Lisle's attempts to market radium salts.
  • In a word Emile is possessed of all that portion of virtue which concerns himself.
  • Masked Marksman: 26 Corpse Without a Coffin - Emile C. Tepperman


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