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What is the meaning of Eric in Hindi?

Meaning of Eric in Hindi is :

Definition of word Eric

  • A fine paid as compensation for violent crimes. (noun)

Examples of word Eric

  • On December 21st, 2009 at 9: 03 pm, rj's wine blog wrote: great idea to do this. interesting to see that eric is out ahead with cellar tracker. garyvee is up and coming, but not what i would call the most influential of the decade and robert parker is too well established.
  • Zachriel: We already know that genomes can evolve, creating new information in response to the environment. eric: is a question begging argument.
  • Lil ERic: yo its cousin eric Keep them hot rymes up
  • Seniors lead the way for Jensen Beach's second volleyball state title eric hasert eric. hasert@scripps.com Jensen Beach High School's Erika Wigley, left, reacts to a point against Fort Myers during their three-game sweep over Fort Myers on Saturday in the Girls Volleyball Class 4A finals in Lakeland.
  • i recommend this great web site called google. just type in eric cantor and hit the news button. you will get the article about him exploiting unrelated incidents to fake victimhood. and since i am so nice, i will even provide you a link: this is what eric cantor said this is what actually happened.


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