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What is the meaning of Erick in Hindi?

Meaning of Erick in Hindi is :

Definition of word Erick

  • A male given name, a rare spelling variant of Eric that can also be explained as a form of Frederick. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Erick

  • Jil says: @Erick: That's not what asexuality means Erick.
  • Atrios, at one time a prominent left-wing blogger, whined, “dear cnn, “the best political team” by definition cannot include someone as stupid as erick erickson” Atrios then went on to tweet his complaints to CNN’s Twitter feed while passing along something Erick supposedly wrote “Three days before CNN hires” him, although the post was obviously dated 2008.
  • I would expect nothing less from a network where Erick is the only conservative commentator.
  • With its unrelenting viewership loss, they may realize that hiring Erick is a very good first step in regaining credibility.
  • He came into my office with his mentor Brad, a college graduate and successful businessman, now the most important man in Erick's life.


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