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What is the meaning of Es in Hindi?

Meaning of Es in Hindi is :

Definition of word Es

  • Symbol for einsteinium. (noun)

Examples of word Es

  • The dress says "Fuck off I don't sell E's" (I'll tell her when I see her that Es is not a possessive and does not require an apostrophe, but I was off duty at the time).
  • James Scott lives in L.A. Carol Es is inspired by his work and enjoys his friendship, read more about this, here.
  • There's really not a helluva lot going on in lakeside that's worth a newspaper article, so a few B&Es is fuel for the grist mill.
  • The descent of the Anti-Lebanon we did at a good pace, but it seemed a long time until we landed on the plain Es Sáhará.
  • The "borders" here are equivalent to "rows" (So 1: 10); but here, the King seems to give the finish to her attire, by adding a crown (borders, or circles) of gold studded with silver spots, as in Es 2: 17.
  • Persian kings never did take any step whatever; and the persons named in Es 1: 14 were the "seven counsellors" (compare Ezr 7: 14) who formed the state ministry.
  • His program note explains the gyrations: "In L.S.O., L equals the solfège syllable la, which is the note A; S becomes the note that is known as Es pronounced s in German, which is what English speakers call E flat; and O elides with the preceding S to suggest the solfège syllable sol, which is the note G."
  • Purane Es is half mindless, vengeful jerk and half romantic poet who is forced to obey his father’s wishes.