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What is the meaning of European in Hindi?

Meaning of European in Hindi is : यूरोपीय संघ का समर्थक

Definition of word European

Examples of word European

  • i hate that our country is torn and not united. i hate that our countries popularity level has plummeted in european countries.
  • Ookami to Koushinryou aka Spice and Wolf (A story about a pendler who meets a mature and wise wolf-girl taking place in european historical setting.
  • No big name european or english superstars play first division football in Brazil, or Argentina for that matter.
  • Ancient Egypt (Kemet) - The European Admission - instituteofblackstudyandresearch. ning.com Yet another undeniable upload straight from the horses mouth (So called european scholar).
  • Naturaly republicans will lie and call european liberals politicaly center not left but when do republicans realy tell the truth.


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