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What is the meaning of Fitch in Hindi?

Meaning of Fitch in Hindi is :

Definition of word Fitch

  • The European polecat (noun)

Examples of word Fitch

  • The name probably relates to a poor translation of the name for the European polecat, which is a relative of the fisher and is called the fitch ferret, fichet or fitche.
  • Nick Corrigan, 41, a management consultant: 'At home, I've got mink, racoon and fitch, which is like a ferret.
  • Report Abuse the real question is, does fitch and his style really pose a legitimate threat to gsp? the one who will beat gsp is either going to be a great wrestler with good powerful hands (kos) or a great striker with ko power, amazing takedown defense and the ability to stand up or sweep with gsp on top. fitch is neither of those things. gsp would pull a "fitch" on jon fitch. nobody wants to see that again.
  • Steroid Popping (I know they do), tree trunk armed, hollipostale and fitch (those gay looking pink shirts) wearin 'jocks.
  • The actors cannot be blamed, though many of them look as though they would be more at ease modeling the latest clothing line in an abercrombie and fitch catalog.
  • I agree with Kevin about the poster as well, at least to me a 20 year old male it reminds me of the abercrombie and fitch models i see as i walk the mall, albeit a bit more pale.
  • Yes | No | Report from B. fitch wrote 2 years 5 days ago
  • Other ultra-rich materials included coats trimmed with fitch fur, alligator belts, sable stoles, silk chiffon, cashmere and calfskin.