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What is the meaning of Ford in Hindi?

Meaning of Ford in Hindi is : हेलना

Definition of word Ford

  • A location where a stream is shallow and the bottom has good footing, making it possible to cross from one side to the other with no bridge, by walking, riding, or driving through the water; a crossing. (noun)
  • To cross a stream using a ford. (verb)

Examples of word Ford

    • GOL, a ford is a shallow place in a watercourse that people can walk through.
    • The flight to the ford is one of his more heroic moments, and it would have been out of keeping with his movie self if when he's wounded and sick he suddenly turns into his book self.
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    • In the tithe map this ford is marked, the only one in that neighbourhood, and the cottage is also marked exactly in the position mentioned by Fanny, the only building so placed.
    • Their approach could easily be seen; for, as their road, after crossing the ford from the trans-jordanic district, led along the south side of the mountains of


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