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What is the meaning of Fore in Hindi?

Meaning of Fore in Hindi is : सामने

Definition of word Fore

  • An exclamation yelled to inform players a ball is moving in their direction. (interjection)
  • The front; the foreward part of something; the foreground. (noun)
  • Simple past of fare. (verb)

Examples of word Fore

  • Then my eye lit on th 'fore quarters o' th 'doe,' n 'I guess I throwed more twists laughin' than Erne did -- _for that there doe was shy a leg_, hadn't but three legs; nigh fore leg gone midway 'tween knee and dewclaw, shot off 'n' healed up Godo'mi'ty knows when.
  • "Young feller," Salters began, standing up in the fore-rigging, "let me tell yeou 'fore we go any further that I've --"
  • She was a pretty vessel: schooner-rigged, very low in the water, and -- as we found out when we took her -- of very deep draught; broad in the beam, and ` flush-decked 'fore and aft, with no raised fore or after castles.
  • So that be - â–  fore the death of king James, our trade was fo far increaled, that, in the opinion of Sir William Mon - fon, we were liule, if at all inferior in maritime fore* to the Dutch.
  • : 00AM 'Twas the fifth day 'fore Christmas and all through the towns Recalling the past year brought smiles and frowns The readers were anxious, and so we will show 'em It's time once again for the Action Line poem Recession, economy, job loss and more Were issues that really should come to the fore Reality's something we don't reconcile When everyone lives in a state of denial For instance, the Realtors push ritzy condos On people with pickups all covered with Bondo The city spends fortunes to make Chapman snow While staffers and programs are told they must go And what's the surprise of a fierce winter storm We live in the mountains and it's just the norm You'd think that the city would figure by now When flakes are a'falling, you go out and plow The county commission, its head in the sand, Can't seem to come up with the zones for the land With gas money dwindling and going away The budgeting process will lead us astray Joelle switches parties, the Dems she did ditch Progressives were angry and cried "bait and switch"


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