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What is the meaning of Friend in Hindi?

Meaning of Friend in Hindi is : हमराज़

Definition of word Friend

  • A person other than a family member, spouse or lover whose company one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection. (noun)
  • A boyfriend or girlfriend. (noun)
  • An associate who provides assistance. (noun)
  • A person with whom one is vaguely or indirectly acquainted (noun)
  • A person who backs or supports something. (noun)
  • An object or idea that can be used for good. (noun)
  • Used as a form of address when warning someone. (noun)
  • In object-oriented programming, a function or class granted special access to the private and protected members of another class. (noun)
  • To act as a friend to, to befriend; to be friendly to, to help. (verb)
  • To add (a person) to a list of friends on a social networking site; to officially designate (someone) as a friend. (verb)

Examples of word Friend

  • But you, my friend my *friend* are not guilty of this.
  • In adhering to the Taylor families Mr. Webster obeyed the injunction of Solomon who said, "Thine own friend, and thy _father's friend_ forsake not."
  • "I have a friend here, Hamilton -- _one friend_ -- and she must stay."
  • Yes; and that is a friend of the MajorÂ’s—that is a friendÂ… whose life the Major ought to take (pointing to the LANDLORD).
  • Would any friend, any real _friend_ have left you alone through this Weston business?


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