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What is the meaning of Gaming in Hindi?

Meaning of Gaming in Hindi is : जुआ खेलना

Definition of word Gaming

  • Present participle of game. (verb)
  • The business of offering games of chance for money. (noun)
  • Playing a game with a video interface. (noun)
  • Careful, strategic use of rules to achieve one's purposes, as one would use the rules of a game. (noun)

Examples of word Gaming

  • What I want to see in gaming is real characters, in gaming its just stereotypes at the moment.
  • My personal bet for the next wave of popularity in gaming is a brand of MMORPGs without the monotonous levelling-up process.
  • The use of the word gaming is an attempt to make a serious business seem like fun.
  • The word gaming puts ‘foo-foo dust,’ as we used to say in the Army, on a business that bilks the poor and traps the unwary with ‘something for nothing.’
  • Getting the right computer for your PC game The term gaming may sound like fun, but there's more work involved than you would imagine.


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