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What is the meaning of Garrick in Hindi?

Meaning of Garrick in Hindi is :

Definition of word Garrick

Examples of word Garrick

  • If you truly believe that Obama should not be president, if you truly believe there is no greater pain than seeing a primary opponent win the general election, then this sacrifice can only be considered a modest price for your convictions. garrick
  • Micou was a corpulent man of about fifty years of age, with a low, cunning look, a pimply nose, and bloated cheeks; he wore an otter-skin cap, and was wrapped up in an old green garrick.
  • Email: tristan. garrick (at) dma (dot) org (dot) uk
  • /15 Email: tristan. garrick (at) dma. org (dot) uk/rachel (at) dma. org (dot) uk
  • Â We see the world preparing for another “Flash Day,” this one made all the more special by the return of Mr. Allen, and we’re treated to an annoying sequence in which Jay garrick insists that “Barry Allen MADE me the Flash.”


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