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What is the meaning of Gent in Hindi?

Meaning of Gent in Hindi is : पुरुष प्रसाधन कक्ष

Definition of word Gent

  • Noble; well-bred, courteous; graceful. (adjective)
  • neat; pretty; elegant (adjective)
  • A gentleman. (noun)

Examples of word Gent

  • I git tired o 'sittin' around the hotel, doin 'nuthin' but readin 'the papers and trying to be what they call a gent of leisure.
  • Not arresting an elderly gent from the punjab who is walking down the road with a sword is again, all in good spirit.
  • Perhaps the gent is worried that if he displeases the young lady with his offering of Coke he shall feel the sting of that riding crop.
  • Very good tongue-in-cheek approach ... and the gent is right, this is no laughing matter.
  • We brought along a man named Inoki Noboyu, a nice old gent from the Japanese embassy office in Boston.


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