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What is the meaning of German in Hindi?

Meaning of German in Hindi is : निकटवर्ती नातेदार

Definition of word German

  • Having the same mother and father; a full (brother or sister). (adjective)
    एक ही माँ और पिता का होना; एक पूर्ण (भाई या बहन)।
  • A near relative. (noun)
    एक निकट संबंधी।

Examples of word German

    • Stereoide: the fact that you even KNOW that the hassel to the hoff recorded a song in german is beyond human capacity to comprehend mawd
    • I read the first 3 books in german until "caresed by ice".
    • I wanted to wait until the book comes out in german, because ist difficult for me to read englisch books, but now I think I can ` t wait this long ...
    • I think its still ongoing, and I only ever read the first two volumes in german a couple of years ago, but I really enjoyed it, and the art was great to boot.
    • I can´t wait and have already pre-ordered my copy of Angel´s Blood! my blog entry (it is in german and because the widget doesn´t work there I wrote myself some lines: -)
    • Expect just as they sold revenge to Italians, telling them germans were to die in german death camps for the 5th century invasion of the Roman Empire, so did they sell it to germans as well, temptation which ensured they abandoned their countrymen and alligned with evil.
    • What gets me is the introductions and explanations in german, which I don't read, which presumably explain the entirely bizarre layout of the text and make it all make sense ... if I only read German ...
    • I've read Vellum in german first (and I agree that the translation is very good).