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What is the meaning of Gil in Hindi?

Meaning of Gil in Hindi is :

Definition of word Gil

Examples of word Gil

  • I picture the offices of Square-Enix as a place filled with candy and mogs, where the Chocobo Theme Music plays all day long and the vending machines accept "gil" as a currency.
  • To use mairix, you type something like: mairix d: 3m - s: gil f: antoine which means, "find all messages in the last three months where the subject has 'gil' in it and the sender has 'antoine' in it".
  • But at the same time it's both baffling and completely in character when defeated evil exes dissolve into change-literally, dollars and cents (I suppose "gil" is under copyright, or maybe it just can't be used for bus fare).
  • Yes | No | Report from rootywayne wrote 30 weeks 3 days ago still have mine, got plenty of blue gil with that one when i was 8. +1
  • I saw a nice one from gil-leaf in the Cabela's catalog, I just might have to look into it!


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