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What is the meaning of Gill in Hindi?

Meaning of Gill in Hindi is : लोला

Definition of word Gill

  • A breathing organ of fish and other aquatic animals. (noun)
  • A gill slit or gill cover. (noun)
  • One of the radial folds on the underside of the cap of a mushroom, on the surface of which the spore-producing organs are borne. (noun)
  • The fleshy flap that hangs below the beak of a fowl; a wattle. (noun)
  • The flesh under or about the chin; a wattle. (noun)
  • A drink measure for spirits and wine. Size varies regionally but it is about one quarter of a pint. (noun)
  • A measuring jug holding a quarter or half a pint. (noun)
  • rivulet (noun)
  • ravine (noun)

Examples of word Gill

  • Ignore for the moment, the implication behind the misleading use of the phrase gill slits (and the 18th century frauds of militant evolutionist Ernst Haeckel) and consider the pair of words dramatically offset in the caption: embryonic humans a dramatic yet subtle change from the more common media phrase: human embryos.
  • At a very early stage we notice in the embryo of man and the other amniotes, at each side of the head, the remarkable and important structures which we call the gill-arches and gill-clefts (Figures
  • Comb-like structures called gill rakers filter tasty critters like krill out of the water for the sharks to dine on.
  • Another character that unites the chordates is the pharyngeal arches and pouches sometimes inaccurately called gill arches and gill slits.
  • The primary requirement for a body appendage or evagination to be identified as a gill or ctenidium is the high vascularization of the respiratory surface.


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