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What is the meaning of Goy in Hindi?

Meaning of Goy in Hindi is :

Definition of word Goy

  • A non-Jew, a Gentile. (noun)

Examples of word Goy

  • You, yourself limited the non-offensive use of the term goy to everyday Hebrew usage in that country.
  • Greg D you make mistakes by the bucketload here. the word goy is merely a word that describes a person who is not Jewish - I would have preferred the description non Jewish in Trumpeldors post but you are assuming negatives, as it seems is a regular thing for you.
  • Consider the word "goy" -- a gentile, or a non-Jew.
  • But this didn't stop her from being snobbish to me, and continuing to use the word "goy" - a pejorative term meaning "gentiles" - around me, which she knew offended me, since it disrespected a lot of people I loved.
  • Or maybe Matthew hopes to work for Haim Saban someday and doesn’t want to embarrass Haim by pointing out that Haim’s shabbos goy is looking somewhat. .er .. “shopworn”.


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