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What is the meaning of Goy in Hindi?

Meaning of Goy in Hindi is :

Definition of word Goy

  • Alternative capitalization of goy (noun)

Examples of word Goy

  • December 20th, 2009 8: 11am Thank you for the clarity you have given to the interpretation of the word Goy - I doubt it will suffice for our meshuganah but it will do for most of us, and maybe now we can continue with the soul searching that this thread has caused, and ignore the nonsense from him.
  • Ackerley to accuse his parents of putting the oy in Goy.
  • Nothing he ever said to me made me feel the embarrassment I always have for the 'Goy' in whom a residue of antagonism to 'Jew' remains.
  • "The old Hebrew word for non-Jews," Goy ", originally means" cattle "and that is what, unfortunatly, the Talmud (jewish catechism) frequently considers all non-Jews to be"
  • The theatre representatives are also worried about 'Goy' experimental theater's (founded in


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