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What is the meaning of Grace in Hindi?

Meaning of Grace in Hindi is : सौंदर्य

Definition of word Grace

  • Elegant movement; poise or balance. (noun)
  • Free and undeserved favour, especially of God. Unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration or sanctification. (noun)
  • Divine assistance in resisting sin. (noun)
  • Short prayer of thanks before or after a meal. (noun)
  • An allowance of time granted for a debtor during which he is free of at least part of his normal obligations towards the creditor. (noun)
  • To adorn; to decorate; to embellish and dignify. (verb)
  • To dignify or raise by an act of favour; to honour. (verb)
  • To supply with heavenly grace. (verb)
  • To add grace notes, cadenzas, etc., to. (verb)

Examples of word Grace

  • He could do the butchering of a hog with the best of grace, and had killed, first and last, so many, that I imagine he could tell the number of squeals, or wrigglings of the porcine tail it took to terminate the life of the animal, after he had given it the _coup de grace_.
  • It is not a practiced, educated grace, but the “unbought grace” of his genius, uttering itself in its beauty and grandeur in the movements of the outward man.
  • And grace to anfwer grace* v. But let us haften to the day H y Ki N. s« 229
  • _Faith_ I grant is a more radicall, vitall, and necessary grace; but yet not so wholly out of _grace_ with the times, as poore _Zeale_; which yet if by any meanes it might once againe be reduced into favour and practice, before Time sets, and bee no more; I doubt not but Christ would also yet once againe in this evening of the world, come and _Sup_ with us; A favour including all other in it.
  • Juno's royal academy, left the language of Billingsgate quite out of my education: hence I am perfectly _illiterate_ in the polite style of the street, and am not fit to converse with the porters and carmen of quality, who grace their diction with the beauties of calling names, and curse their neighbour with a _bonne grace_. "


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