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What is the meaning of Gramophone in Hindi?

Meaning of Gramophone in Hindi is : स्वरधर यन्त्र

Definition of word Gramophone

  • A Grammy. (noun)

Examples of word Gramophone

  • Gramophone is primarily in the business of reviewing classical music CDs; if they (to employ the British usage!) are also selling them, it raises the question of editorial independence -- presumably, a glowing review in the magazine could lead someone to buy the CD under review, which Gramophone will also sell to you for its own profit.
  • The Grammy Awards, originally called the Gramophone Awards, were established in 1958.
  • We then discovered the actual Golden Gramophone was sent to us by mail; there was no grand hand-over on the day.
  • By coincidence, I just filed my review of Anne's new CD to Gramophone Magazine after having previewed her Pasadena debut with it on Saturday night for HuffPost Arts!
  • And in the scratchy old phonograph recordings Nellie Melba made for the Gramophone and Typewriter Company in the comfort of her drawing-room in Cumberland Terrace (ca. 1904), you can clearly hear the voice of the sound engineer from behind a screen give the diva her cue by shouting “Go!” when the clunky recording apparatus was successfully set in slightly arduous motion.
  • Only days before he had been duetting fabulously as pianist with Joyce DiDonato at the Gramophone Awards in a languorous version of "Over the Rainbow", on balance a piece that does bear frequent repetition though I can see I may regret that remark.