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What is the meaning of Grete in Hindi?

Meaning of Grete in Hindi is :

Definition of word Grete

Examples of word Grete

  • The third fared no better, for the peasant again said: 'Grete, that is the third.'
  • So when he went in with his dish, the peasant nudged his wife, and said: 'Grete, that is the second.'
  • That same season she created the role of "Grete" in MTC's premiere of Margulies 'Sight Unseen.
  • Day, a student at the Royal Ballet School, gives a fearless performance as Grete, continuing to see her brother in the tortured insect form long after their parents have given up.
  • His parents (Anton Skrzypiciel, Nina Goldman) and his sister Grete (Laura Day) are alternately horrified and pitying, but whether they see a giant insect or a man suffering a breakdown in a fouled bedroom we are never really sure.


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