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What is the meaning of Grice in Hindi?

Meaning of Grice in Hindi is :

Definition of word Grice

  • A pig, especially a young pig, or its meat; sometimes specifically, a breed of wild pig or boar native to Scotland, now extinct. (noun)
  • A gree; a step. (noun)
  • to act as a trainspotter; to partake in the activity or hobby of trainspotting. (verb)

Examples of word Grice

  • Over a quarter of a century ago I was a jolly, singing, hoop-pee mill-boy, and carried many a "grice" to William Easley's tub-mill on "Little Fish River," kept by my old friend Larkin Snow.
  • So that an experienced cavalier, knowing how to lay, as our Scottish phrase runs, ‘the head of the sow to the tail of the grice,’ might get out of the country the pay whilk he could not obtain from the
  • I agree, the refiners are holding all of us up! lewis w. grice
  • Gri feeled of the scripes he would escipe if by grice he had luck enoupes.
  • Some figures of gas consumption from India: Boiling 1 l of water: 40 l; boiling 5 l of water 165 l; cooking 500 grice: 140 l; cooking 1000 g rice: 175 l; cooking 350 9 pulses: 270


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