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What is the meaning of Grime in Hindi?

Meaning of Grime in Hindi is : मैला करना

Definition of word Grime

  • An English surname, probably derived from Old Norse grimr or grimmr (proper noun)
    एक अंग्रेजी उपनाम, शायद पुराने नॉर्स ग्रिमर या ग्रिमरे से लिया गया है

Examples of word Grime

  • Dart's Take: This major label Grime release from the UK differs from most other ones in the sense that while it does have the expect obvious reaches and attempts at pop hits/singles it still manages to stay somewhat Grime sounding for the most part.
  • I am piloting the scheme with the Design Iniative and have been washing all kiinds of grime of walls – hence “Partners in Grime” is born.
  • By mid 2004, it was being referred to as Grime universally and I began getting even more into it since people were actually putting out albums of it.
  • I'm also really into Grime which is a kind of amalgamation of UK Garage, Reggae & Hip Hop so expect some posts about Grime in the near future on my blog as well.
  • It is worth noting that Græme (pronounced 'Grime'), and Graham are both forms of one name, which name was originally Grimm, and that, according to some, the latter orthography is the privilege of the chief of the clan.
  • "Grime," repeated the Templar, "will suit Alsatia well enough -- both a grim and grimy place of refuge."
  • And I'm looking forward to next week's It's Grime Up North, which will go out simultaneously on radio, TV and online.
  • As far as they're concerned, we all make our livings in a line of work that rhymes with "Borganized Grime."
  • Tonight, he's visiting U Street Music Hall to spin some speaker-rattling bass tunes alongside our own Dubstep Legion of Doom and the Grime Syndicate.
  • Grime may be best tackled with a mop and bucket of hot water, but nothing beats a well-stocked arsenal of housekeeping machines to get you pumped about cleaning your crib.