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What is the meaning of Hagan in Hindi?

Meaning of Hagan in Hindi is :

Definition of word Hagan

Examples of word Hagan

  • In particular, early in her term Hagan fought efforts to raise the federal excise tax on tobacco and voted against a bill to allow the Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco products.
  • Dole aides said the ad responds to what they call Hagan's fabrications and negative ads by other Democrats suggesting she was too old for the job.
  • "Given recent comments showing that Senator Hagan is not supporting the public health insurance option, MoveOn. org will be making clear that our 115,000 members in North Carolina - many of whom volunteered for or donated to her campaign last year - believe the public option is the heart of true health care reform," the group said in a statement.
  • I'm starting to think Hagan is a Democrat in name only.
  • Kay Hagan is simply being reminded by Move On and the concerned progressives who voted for her that 72% of Americans want a public option available for health care.


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