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What is the meaning of Haik in Hindi?

Meaning of Haik in Hindi is :

Definition of word Haik

  • A covering for the head and body worn by Arabs. (noun)

Examples of word Haik

  • Besides the haik, which is like that of a man's, a lady wears a linen cloth over her face, to conceal it from the profane vulgar when abroad.
  • They were wearing blue turbans above the flowing white "haik" which fell back upon their shoulders, and the white burnous which reached to their ankles.
  • As a means of protest, Algerian women who had previously shed the haik -- the Algerian equivalent of the burqa -- took it up again as an affront to French colonizers.
  • Kenneth, “to debate thine hest;” and swallowed the narcotic, mingled as it was with some water from the spring, then wrapped him in the haik, or Arab cloak, which had been fastened to his saddle-pommel, and, according to the directions of the physician, stretched himself at ease in the shade to await the promised repose.
  • It is a foul slope; now slippery with viscous mud, then powdery with fetid dust, dotted with graves and decaying tombs, unclean booths, gargottes and tattered tents, and frequented by women, mere bundles of unclean rags, and by men wearing the haik or burnús, a Franciscan frock, tending their squatting camels and chaffering over cattle for Gibraltar beef-eaters.


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