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What is the meaning of Heaven in Hindi?

Meaning of Heaven in Hindi is : स्वर्गलोक

Definition of word Heaven

  • The sky. (noun)
  • The paradise of the afterlife in certain religions, considered to be the home of the god or gods of those religions, and often the home, or one of various possible homes, of souls of deceased people. (noun)
  • A blissful place or experience. (noun)

Examples of word Heaven

  • "_Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven_."
  • "And ascended into heaven" -- this passage shows the belief that He returned to the place from which He came, for the Nicene Creed has stated that he "_came down from heaven_ and was incarnate ... and was made man."
  • The holy city is not heaven; it came down from God _out of heaven_.
  • But whether she told of the grumbler who could find nothing to complain of in heaven except that "his halo didn't fit," or said in her quick way, when the plainness of a lady's dress was commended, "Why, I didn't suppose that anybody could go _to heaven_ now-a-days without an overskirt," or wrote her sparkling impromptu rhymes for our children's games, her mirth was all in harmony with her earnest life.
  • In answer to a question which I put to her later, about her view of heaven and of the relation of the saints in glory to their old friends there and here, she replied, in substance, that to her view _heaven is being with Christ and to be with Christ is heaven_.


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