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What is the meaning of Heliopolis in Hindi?

Meaning of Heliopolis in Hindi is :

Definition of word Heliopolis

  • A city in Ancient Egypt. (proper-noun)
  • A suburb in modern Cairo, Egypt. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Heliopolis

  • Korba is one of the oldest districts in Heliopolis.
  • In Egypt is the city of Heliopolis, that is to say, the city of the Sun.
  • Sharia el-Misalla towards the ruins of old Heliopolis, which is all that remains of the great seat of learning, the biblical City of On. And the sky lightened way down in the east as she drove along the outer edge of the fort to the Obelisk, known to the Arab as el-Misalla.
  • These were, comparatively, limited in number, and in fact may be said to consist of the members of the great company of the gods of Heliopolis, that is to say, of the gods who belonged to the cycle of Osiris.
  • But its flesh, putrefying, breeds a certain worm, which, being nourished by the juice of the dead bird, brings forth feathers; and when it is grown to a perfect state, it takes up the nest in which the bones of its parent lie, and carries it from Arabia into Egypt, to a city called Heliopolis:


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