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What is the meaning of Hellenic in Hindi?

Meaning of Hellenic in Hindi is : यूनानी

Definition of word Hellenic

  • Of or relating to the ancient Greek culture and civilization before the Hellenistic period. (adjective)
  • The Greek language and its dialects from the earliest records (Linear B inscriptions, about 1600-1300 BCE) to the present Modern Greek. (proper noun)

Examples of word Hellenic

    • Greece-based companies that participated in the NYSE event included: ·Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company SA, (NYSE: CCH) ·Hellenic
    • A Greek company, Elmin Hellenic Mining Enterprises SA, is offering the 33 men all-expenses-paid trips to Athens.
    • The Greek alliance was known as the Hellenic League.
    • They include Byron's Childe Harold 2 and "The Destruction of Sennacherib" which experiment in Hellenic scepticism under pressure from Orientalist or Hebraic faith and Hemans's 1819 "Heliodorus in the Temple" and 1820 The Sceptic which recover Hebraic orthodoxy but recast it in terms of Mediterranean republicanism.
    • Pater expressed this favorite opposition of his, in Hellenic terms, in the following way: Scarcely a wild or melancholy note of the medieval church but was anticipated by Greek polytheism!
    • Although the Illinois based entertainment network was formally known as Hellenic Interactive,
    • Constantinople, Thrace, Smyrna, and so on), and cosmopolitanism was a way of life among educated Greeks, many of whom lived in Hellenic centres outside Greek national territory.
    • Yet Alexander also left in his wake new cities that would come to bear his name, an economic and trading system based on silver and gold coinage, Greek as the language commonly in use from Gibraltar to the Punjab, and a culture that is still called Hellenic.