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What is the meaning of Herman in Hindi?

Meaning of Herman in Hindi is :

Definition of word Herman

  • A male given name. (proper noun)
    एक पुरुष दिया गया नाम।

Examples of word Herman

  • HERMAN NATURE: Almost 20 years have gone by, and Pee-wee Herman hasn't aged a day.
  • TOWN OF HERMAN - A 24-year-old Waupun man was taken to jail on a 12-hour hold following a one-car rollover accident in the town of Herman.
  • Tamara Herman is a Victoria-based researcher and activist who has spent months in Mexico investigating social conflict around a mine currently operated by Canadian company NewGold.
  • The press conference will take place tonight, April 2, at 8 PM PST at the Justin Herman Plaza on the San Francisco Embarcadero.
  • Herman is always up for a scrap, and he's sloppy enough that this could be fun.
  • But he doesn't deny the ground-level coordination, noting that they pay for half the cost -- which, said Herman, is beside the point.
  • Perhaps the best summary was shared by Justin Herman, an Associate at Phase One Consulting Group:
  • Keep an eye on Justin Herman Plaza, where protesters and torch are most likely to collide.