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What is the meaning of Hermann in Hindi?

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Definition of word Hermann

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  • Hey, Sherlock; I don't know what medication you're on or what you're smoking, but first of all, I was up in Hermann, Missouri for the past two weekends in a row bowhunting Missouri whitetails.
  • I just returned home from another weekend of bowhunting in Hermann, Missouri, and find that the McCain cronies have grown more ignorant by the day.
  • Hermann is as much a warning about the politics of
  • By the close of their conversation, Hermann is talking about his progeny marching on Rome, and his fellow chieftains have switched from calling him incomprehensible to deciding that he stands with them in their struggle against the Romans.
  • The Battle of Hermann is typically treated as a thinly-veiled allegory of the Europe of
  • Unsurprisingly, this battle over Hermann is largely fought by Hermann himself, but it is not waged in the terms one might expect.
  • Michigan ` s John Hermann is a lawyer representing Candy Chan, James and Angela Nelson and John Harless who have also decided to make Just Say No. The RIAA is banking on the fact that no one has the guts to stand up to them.
  • John Hermann is the lawyer who in Detroit federal court has been battling with the RIAA in Priority Records v Candy Chan, Elektra v Harless, and Motown v Nelson, and whose motion for summary judgment in the Candy Chan case prompted the RIAA to sue 14-year-old Brittany Chan.
  • The second innermost zone was dubbed the Führerhoheitsgebiet ( "the Führer's autonomous area"); here the Nazi elite gathered to plan and relax while their children played cowboys and Indians, watched the comings and goings of dignitaries, and splashed in Hermann Göring's swimming pool, all under the watchful eye of the SS Leibstandarte Division.