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What is the meaning of Herne in Hindi?

Meaning of Herne in Hindi is :

Definition of word Herne

  • A city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. (proper noun)

Examples of word Herne

  • Heron is the French form of the bird-name which was in English Herne --
  • There was a chance that Graham, my sister’s ex -, snapped a shot of Linda when she visited me down in Herne Bay when I was living there.
  • I remember offering a prayer to him who I later came to call Herne, and then I heard a burst of laughter from the other girls, and he was gone.
  • The horned god appears in Ireland under the Roman-Celtic name of Cernunnos, also called Herne.
  • That voice recalled Herne, renewed his failing faculties, galvanized him into life.
  • English folklore (such as Herne the Hunter and Adam Bell).
  • By the time I reached Herne Hill - the incline, not the place - terraced dwellings were standing handsomely back off the road and I could tell that I was entering one of those parts of town - the place, not the incline - that estate agents claim has a "village atmosphere."
  • I don't believe I'd ever actually entered Herne Hill before, although I knew about its Half Moon theatre.
  • Four years later, they opened this small, but impressively stocked, branch in Herne Hill.