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What is the meaning of Herrick in Hindi?

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Definition of word Herrick

Examples of word Herrick

  • Without saying a disparaging word Herrick appeared to belittle the efforts made by Owen and his fellows to enlighten the world; and since everyone knows that the criticism of a non-worker is a hundred times more irritating than that of a co-operator, Owen may be excused for finding Herrick uncongenial.
  • The most upsetting thing of all, though, was the change that had come over him suddenly at breakfast, just after he had read aloud the name Herrick -- a name he had seemed not free from memory of when her tongue was betrayed into speaking it -- and the name Penderfield.
  • Hence the memorial poetry prize spearheaded by Letras Latinas of the Institute for Latino Studies at Notre Dame, hence the following poem in Herrick’s debut collection of poetry:
  • When she moved, her dress, recalling Herrick, seemed to melt about her as if she were clad in molten gold.
  • "I calc'lated if I didn't git this 'ere coffin here purty quick there wouldn't be no gettin' it here yet awhile," called Herrick cheerfully, as Jim came to the door.