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What is the meaning of Hessian in Hindi?

Meaning of Hessian in Hindi is : हेसयिन

Definition of word Hessian

  • Of, from or relating to Hesse in Germany. (adjective)
  • A native or inhabitant of Hesse. (proper noun)

Examples of word Hessian

    • This sudden change in Catherine's attitude, which without doubt was the result of court intrigue, [7] filled the English king with mortification and disappointment, and compelled him to seek assistance where he finally obtained it -- in the petty states of the "Hessian" princes.
    • Every drop of hard-water we consumed had to be brought to our doors and paid for by the "Hessian" or bucket.
    • Charles Fox took a like view of the situation, and between him and Burke the word "Hessian" reached America with a taint upon it which a century of use has not been able to disinfect.
    • The administration has, however, been able thus far, by its enormous patronage and its lavish expenditures to seduce, or by its legions of "Hessian" mercenaries to overawe, the masses, to control the elections, and to establish an arbitrary despotism.
    • He rubbed his hands with delight as he contemplated the prospect of driving the "Hessian" fleet from the river, and starving the Union army out of its position.
    • New York had already been lost to the British, armies of redcoats and Hessian mercenaries were poised to cut off New England, and British plans were afoot to conquer Philadelphia and crush the rebellion.
    • My mom came up with the idea from a jewellery store, she took Hessian and edged a piece wrapping the top over a wooden stick, then attach a hanger to it to hang in your cupboard.
    • In fact, it is said that the Hessian troops were defeated by Washington because their Christmas trees reminded them of home and they left their guard posts to celebrate while Washington was crossing the Delaware river and surprised them.
    • History and myth resonate here besides the Rockefellers: the Headless Horseman, Hessian troops, Indian guides, the Putnam Railroad.