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What is the meaning of Hill in Hindi?

Meaning of Hill in Hindi is : पहाड़ॣ

Definition of word Hill

  • Capitol Hill; the US Congress (proper-noun)
  • A topographic surname for someone who lived on or by a hill. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Hill

  • Gossip Girl has gone down hill...90210 is looking bleak...and One Tree Hill is pretty much wrapping itself up.
  • OBAMA: There's still some differences between Democrats and Republicans on the hill, between the White House and some of the products that has been discussed on the Hill.
  • Several hundred lined up down the hill, down M.ssion Hill where the hearse will come up, a very blue collar neighbor, one of the neighborhoods that kept sending senators, Jack Kennedy to the Congress, to the Senate, Edward M. Kennedy, the Senate.
  • HILL: That last one it sounds like a little a bit of last minute deal making on the Hill which of course never, ever happens.
  • Either you are Prochoice as HILL is, pro equal pay as Hill is, pro a Nat'l healthcare as HIll is.


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