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What is the meaning of Hippocratic in Hindi?

Meaning of Hippocratic in Hindi is :

Definition of word Hippocratic

  • Pertaining to Hippocrates (adjective)

Examples of word Hippocratic

  • And that's another Hippocratic term onkos, is a Greek word, and it simply means masses.
  • In this respect the concept of homeostasis recalls the Hippocratic view that disease involves not only suffering (pathos) but also work (ponos).
  • Hippocratic Databases • "And about whatever I may see or hear in treatment, or even without treatment, in the life of human beings - things that should not ever be blurted out outside - I will remain silent, holding such things to be unutterable" - Hippocratic Oath [7] • databases that include privacy as a central concern is called Hippocratic databases •
  • Look, do pharmacists have some kind of Hippocratic oath?
  • Unfortunately, that little thingy called the Hippocratic Oath hasn’t been taken in most medical schools for 30-40 years.


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