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  • Derivation: French, adaptation of the Iroquois word hiro, used to conclude a speech, and koué, an exclamation (Charlevoix).
  • Tue 11/17/09 4: 11 PM because hiro can only change really small things, if he told mohinder not to go then Samuel would have never found out and everything would change, instead he made samuel think he killed mohinder then hid mohinder away until hiro gets charlie back, so that samuel wouldnt find out that hiro saved him, its really simple if YOU use your brain
  • I think since they saved the world, normal hiro had no reason to turn into awesome Hiro.
  • I hope the show is going down a path where they reset time and the cast forgets how lame they become and we see a new path for the heroes and get to meet the cool future hiro and peter … not the lame current version we are forced to view week to week
  • What SHOULD have happened is he should have turned into the badass ‘future’ hiro by now and kick major ass.


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