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What is the meaning of Homeric in Hindi?

Meaning of Homeric in Hindi is :

Definition of word Homeric

  • Resembling or relating to the epic poetry of Homer. (adjective)
  • Epic, heroic, fit to be immortalized in poetry by Homer. (adjective)

Examples of word Homeric

  • But however you read The Fall of Troyas a love story and mystery told in Homeric style, or as a deeper meditation on the relationship between reality and imaginationAckroyd the novelist re-emerges triumphantly from the mud of his excavations.
  • Our dictionaries translate “Sidr” by “Lote-tree”; and no wonder that believers in Homeric writ feel their bile aroused by so poor a realisation of the glorious myth.
  • The period between the end of the Aegean Age and the opening of historic times in Greece is usually called the Homeric Age, because many features of its civilization are reflected in two epic poems called the _Iliad_ and the _Odyssey_.
  • This is because it is what might be called a Homeric error.
  • Their appearance, when they were encamped on the Bowling Green, recalls the Homeric age:


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