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What is the meaning of Homeric in Hindi?

Meaning of Homeric in Hindi is :

Definition of word Homeric

Examples of word Homeric

  • Because of course, the fulfillment of stamping out widgets on the assembly line is so great it has inspired homeric epics.
  • I´ve been reading Derek Alcott, a Carribean poet, who´s writing in the homeric-style (I´ll insert an example later).
  • From his earliest manhood he had followed the drum, first under the veteran Dutch commanders in their long war against Catholic Spain and then under the greatest captain of the age, the veritable 'Lion of the North', King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, in his homeric struggle against the Imperial tyranny of the Holy Roman Empire on behalf of German Protestantism. ''
  • Or was it the scene of some homeric combat _seul à seul_?
  • The body of native criticism remains as I have described it; an endless piling up of platitudes, an homeric mass of false assumptions and jejune conclusions, an insane madness to reduce beauty to terms of a petty and pornographic morality.


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