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What is the meaning of Horn in Hindi?

Meaning of Horn in Hindi is : सींग से मारना

Definition of word Horn

  • A hard growth of keratin that protrudes from the top of the head of certain animals. (noun)
    केराटिन की एक कठोर वृद्धि जो कुछ जानवरों के सिर के ऊपर से निकलती है।
  • To assault with the horns (verb)
    सींगों से हमला करने के लिए

Examples of word Horn

    • The photo-op on the pile of Dead at ground-zero was staged down to being told stand on that pile, who the fireman with the blow horn is and where he will be, and to take the blow horn from the fireman.
    • ‘Unnecessary use of the horn is against the traffic regulations.’
    • This horn is a conk shell, bored at one end, and its sound is heard at a great distance.
    • If the horn is buried for the entire winter — the season when the Earth is most inwardly alive — all this life will be preserved in the manure, turning the contents of the horn into an extremely concentrated, enlivening and fertilizing force.
    • Because the cow horn is now outwardly surrounded by the Earth, all the Earth's etherizing and astralizing rays stream into its inner cavity.
    • Let the little tin horn dictator rattle his sword all he wants, he knows he can't take us in a fight.
    • Obama don't play, we have a tin horn dictator ship thanks to the unions, ACORN and George Soros.
    • On or around the spring equinox, the horn is disinterred, the manure diluted in water and sprayed on the vineyard (This mixture is known as BD 500).
    • Bee you're too good for that bunch of tin horn liberals.